Get To Know Us

I've always had a passion and warm heart for seniors. Early in my career of advertising and marketing, I found myself gravitating towards my clients who were over the age of 60. They were the most interesting, confident in who they were and fun to be around. Whenever I had the opportunity to book a business lunch, I would pick up the phone and call one of my senior clients knowing it would be a delightful experience.

When the pandemic hit us like a ton of bricks, I had a huge weight on my heart when I saw what was happening to many seniors. These are the people who I believe were instrumental in building our country and had a work ethic and character that is incomparable to anything we see today. I knew I needed to do something to contribute to this group of awesomeness.

I turned my 12 year interior design and home staging business into a lifelong passion of working with seniors, helping them downsize and transition to their new home. I lovingly work hand-in-hand with seniors and their families to help their journey be a smooth transition and make their new house a place to call home. Whether moving to a smaller home, condo/apartment or seniors residence, I'm there every step of the way to help seniors and their families settle into their new space.


Jamie Marie Chambers